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“You have changed me. It's that simple, last weekend has changed my life.”

Chris P. - Real Estate Director, International Sales

“It is most probably a life-changing experience and I cannot recommend it enough.”

Morgane L. - E commerce Marketing Manager

“Wow! This has given me more clarity, confidence, fulfilment and a feeling of absolute certainty that I'm honouring what I'm meant to do.”

Poppy C. - Performance Coach

“I came away feeling re-energised and better equipped to achieve my goals and live a more fulfilled life.”

Josephine R. - Marketing Agency Founder

“This is a process like no other. I will look at it as one of the most vital and poignant moments of my life.” 

Hugo T. - Film Studio, Head of Digital

“It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are in your career, this is an absolute must.”

Alexander H. -  Senior Trader

“It was a game-changing journey into discovering myself. Each time I thought I’d hit my deepest point, we peeled back another layer until I found my true why.”

Lydia D. W. - Model & Writer 

“Listening to their wisdom has enabled me to follow a path that has given me a deep sense of fulfilment.“

William L. G. -  Green incubator Founder

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