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20% of new business fail in the first year 

60% will go under in the first three years.


At The Kaizn Growth Lab we better those odds by offering a select number of businesses access to our team of founders, creative strategy agency partners, growth consultants, Financial Directors, and performance coaches.

Businesses that qualify will have the chance to participate in our 360 courses: Build & Accelerate.

We go beyond traditional courses by offering the best businesses access to captial.

Our Methodlogy


Our experience working for fortune 500 companies and building Start up's has shown us that growth cannot be looked at in isolation.

Understanding each companies unique DNA is integral to how we identify growth opportunities and unlock potential.

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Hands On Support

Our 90 Day Course will take you through a process in which you will learn how to build your mission & Vision, business plan, Financial Model & Investment Deck.

We will then put you in front of investment capital to pitch your idea.

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Identity & execute

Build a Go To Market Strategy or Growth Strategy.
We work through a collaborative process to help you identify your growth strategy and then minimise your risk.

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Demystifying Digital Growth

Explore all your digital options and build a closed-loop, resource-efficient digital-first strategy.

Digital Transformation
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