We could show you the logos of the businesses we have founded, the big brands we have consulted for, the awards we have won (and later we will). 

However, one simple fact remains. Although we have enjoyed good success throughout our careers, it is the challenges we have faced both professionally and personally that have taught us the most.

After a decade of building, strategising, conceptualising - and banging our heads against the wall -  we started to ask ourselves: what does success really look like?

When would we ultimately feel fulfilled, happy and proud? Who were we doing this all for - ourselves, our parents, our friends, society, our gods? What was driving this constant need to get ahead, to go bigger and better and to need more?  

On our journey, we were able to uncover an inescapable truth that there is, in fact,  a fundamental difference between success and self-fulfillment.

For the last two years, we have been synthesizing the foundations of coaching with a decade's worth of personal development work and cross-disciplinary learning and lifestyle performance tools. The result of this work is the Kaizn Method.

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As an award-winning physician, in practice for over 33 years, Dr. Kim Anthony Jobst MA. DM. FRCP. MFHom. DipAc. is a pioneer of Integrative healthcare, dedicated to educating people about the synergistic relationship between consciousness, science and healing.  


For over 20 years Dr. Jobst has been and continues to be an Integrative Medicine consultant physician. He educates people about his proprietary medical model, “The Science of Meaning,” and its application to their healing.  


Dr. Jobst was recognised for his contribution to medicine by his peers in being elected a Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians in 2015. 


Dr. Jobst currently directs his own practice, Functional Shift Consulting Ltd, a Healthcare and quality of life consultancy in London, UK.  Dr. Jobst is dedicated helping patients be their own health advocate, and, as he puts it, facilitating their “turning their disease in to health”.


Dr. Jobst studied Physiological Sciences and Medicine at Oxford, St. Thomas’s Hospital, London and Glasgow Universities, gaining specialist qualifications in Internal Medicine, Neurodegeneration and Dementia, and Homoeopathic Medicine, as well as Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Jungian Analytical Psychology. 


In 1991 responding to His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s personal invitation, Dr. Jobst presented his thesis, “Disease is a Manifestation of Health,” at His Holiness’ invited-participant event “Global Health and Mental Wellbeing for Mankind” in Dharamsala, India.   In 2013, Dr. Jobst was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Services to Integrative Medicine by Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu. 


As the first appointed Clinical Director of the world-renowned Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Aging (OPTIMA), Dr. Jobst and his colleagues led internationally recognized collaborative research into brain aging, neurodegeneration and the dementias, developing new strategies for diagnosis and treatment and uncovering key nutritional risk factors with therapeutic potential.   


 Dr. Jobst was the Founding Editor in Chief, and remains the Editor Emeritus, of the internationally recognized Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine: Research on Paradigm, Practice and Policy – a relationship that began in 1995.  He was appointed as visiting professor in Healthcare and Integrated Medicine at Oxford and has authored over 100 papers, editorials and letters.


For over a decade, Dr. Jobst has studied and worked with Dr. John F. Demartini DC, and is a trained Facilitator of the Demartini MethodTM.  In combination with his own work using his evolving Science of Meaning,  

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